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“What is this magical place?”

This website is a documentation host meant to serve the people, friends, & users of the products and designs I develop (Mainly focused around mechanical keyboards as well as other computer related accessories and tools).

Here you will find the master links to all my current and in-development projects. Some have a lot of helpful documentation, some have none but will in the near future.

Under each directed page there are links and files associated with the specified project. These files are open for use/modification to the entirety of the general public. If you find you are looking for a specific file not yet listed, please fill free to message me on Discord (@the_royal#3000) and I can get back to you on the current state of the specific file or document. And there’s a blog thing! Kind of.

I am by no means any type of website developer or computer engineer so the site may look just god-awful and extremely unorganized/chaotic for a while. Thats half the fun for me though.

About Me:

Like many who have entered the hobby of mechanical keyboards. There was no rhyme or reason to explain why we did. I stumbled upon r/mechanicalkeybaords (at the time no bigger than 100k or so subscribers) and immediately fell in love with what the hobby entailed. You use a keyboard everyday, why not make it perfect for you?

And also like, I’m sure, many new-comers, I entered the hobby with nothing but the disaster of a board known as the Razer Black Widow keyboard. A behemoth plastic mess of green/black that I, at the time, very much enjoyed but also kind hated. So I began my journey in the most normal of ways…

I bought a Vortex Core 40% Keyboard.

and the rest is history…