The Liminal Build Guide

Basic FR4 Case Kit
(Soldering Required)
1-2 Hrs.*
*Time is estimated based on basically nothing.

This guide will walk you through the simple build process of getting your Liminal Basic Kit up and typing.

This kit does require soldering but I will walk you though that part as well for the inexperienced in both SMD and THT Soldering.

Part 0.0

Introduction & A Confusingly Small Table of Contents

0.1 | Kit Contents

Basic Liminal Kits/Pre-Build Knolls Should Include The Following:

  • x1 – Liminal Main PCB
  • x1 – Liminal Universal Switch Plate(FR4)
  • x1 – Liminal Base Plate(FR4)
  • x60 – THT Switching Diodes
  • x60 – SMD Switching Diodes
  • x9 – M2x8mm Female Brass Spacers
  • x18 – M2x5mm SS Torx Screws
  • x1 – Torx Driver Key
*Required But Not Included:
  • x48 – x52 MX Type Switches
  • x1 7u Stabilizer (Screw-In/Snap-In Only)
    • *Optional Based on Layout Chosen
  • x1-x4 2u Stabilizers (Screw-In/Snap-In Only)
    • *Optional Based on Layout Chosen
  • MX Compatible Key Caps
  • USB Type-C Cable

0.2 | On The Topic of Diodes

(THT or SMD)

0.2.1 – THT Diodes

This is the best option if you are new to soldering. Which is why most DIY kits come with THT or “Through-Hole” diodes. They are a hobbyist bread-and-butter component.

THT diodes are as easy to solder as the MX switches you have probably soldered before. They can take more heat than SMD Diodes and are easy to get into place pre-soldering.

The main downsides of THT diodes are that their “legs” need to be clipped after soldering due to their adaptable default length. Trimming these excessive legs consequentially sets up a dangerous environment.

Basically…You will probably stab yourself (repeatedly) if you are not careful.

So be careful. We cool?

0.2.2 – SMD Diodes

SMD or “Surface-mount” diodes are very small. Like 3/4 the size of a grain of uncle-bens-jazz-me-up-zallerans-one-minute-zoo-op-ready-brown-rice small.

People prefer SMD diodes because they are:

  • Cleaner overall finish
  • No post-clipping needed
  • Less of a pain in general

They can be easy or difficult depending on your soldering experience. Main key is to have a good temp controlled soldering iron to keep from just melting the diode housings. People seem to be scared of these but they are very simple in use. I definitely recommend them if you haven’t ever used them before. Your kit includes both types so now’s your free chance to learn.